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Understanding the strength of the bond between human and the Arabian horse (not to mention it’s stress relieving capabilities, which have become all the more important in today’s tentative times), the Daffodil Arabian Horse Association of Washington is dedicated to the promotion of this incredible creature.

Established in the 1950s, the DAHA was one of the first Arabian horse clubs formed in the country. In those early beginnings, "playdays" were held for the local Arabian enthusiasts to have an opportunity to get together and do something fun with their horses.

Then the first Daffodil All Arabian, Half Arabian Spring Show was held in the late 1960's and grew to become one of the most prestigious shows in the country. Over the years the Daffodil Show has seen many horsemen and horsewomen showing their Arabian and Half-Arabian horses, and some of those have gone on to become famous stallions, mares and geldings.

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The legendary stallion, Khemosabi was in training with a local trainer, Mr. Mo Morris. His two-year-old year, Khemosabi garnered the Daffodil Spring Show Junior Champion Colt title. Some of the most exciting classes in those early days were the popular get of sire classes and you could tell those Khemosabi get by their dark bay color, four white stockings and face markings.

Currently one of the largest member clubs in the Arabian Horse Association, it offers a variety of member services and activities including a club newsletter, clinics, dinner, trail rides, active youth group, yearling halter futurities, parade of stallions, silent auction, promotional events, the prestigious Daffodil All Arabian Spring Show, and the Daffodil All Arabian Summer Show.

For more information on Arabian horses or the Daffodil Arabian Horse Association, please contact us, we’d love to visit with you and introduce you to the Arabian horse…truly a very best friend.

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